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Use Hand Tools – For Making Your Project Look Great

Having the right hand tool is a great way to add beauty to any room in your home. When you have the right tool it will make your job easier and it allows you to get the job done easier. There are many types of hand tools like levels for making sure your pictures are straight, pudy knives for filling drywall, squares for making things square and for drawing straight lines and different types of knives for cutting things. There is a tool for all different things, situations and there’s one for doing any type of home repair. Hammers and screwdrivers are one and are a general hand tool and are found in most households. Believe it or not there is many different types of hammer for many occasions. There are hammers for framing a house, applying shingles and rubber ones for putting on hubcaps. Claw hammers are the most popular and can be found in many houses. They can be used for hammering nails, starting screws, breaking things, prying and removing objects with the claw part and a host of many other things.

Another great hand tool is the tape measure. It is a must tool if you want to measure anything. Reading a tape measure is not a hard thing to do but you must take your time to get the exact length and width. Double check and write down your measurement to make sure. You don’t want to measure wrong and cut the piece too short and have to do it over. Always start with the biggest piece and cut that. If you are off a little you can find another long piece and cut it again adding the extra that you missed on the first cut.tape_measure_image

An imperial tape measure is measured in inches and feet and is in 1/16 and or 1/32 increments. The feet are marketed in red and every 16 inches is an arrow indicating a stud. Most walls are on 16 inch centers so you can easily find a stub if you need to hang a picture. There is also 39 inches in a yard. There is also metric ones and they use millimeters, centimeters and meters.

tool_belt_imageTool belts are another great tool to stay organized. Being organized will save you time be cause you carry all your tools with you. Have you ever lost your pencil a looked for it and found it a few minutes later under the piece of wood you just cut. If you had it in your tool belt you would have saved time because you would have know where it was. Also having your tool belt on your waist you have all your tools with you at all times. If you are working on a ladder and you have your tools in your belt you won’t have to get down to get the tool you forgot saving you time and keeping your patience. After the job is done the tool belt acts as a mini toolbox keeping things organized and ready to go at a moments notice. There is special pouches for you hammer, pliers, tape measure, screwdrivers, and a ton of other tools within an arm’s reach. Belts are made from leather or nylon and have a belt and buckle at the front for adjustment. If you don’t want to hunt down and look for your tools each and every time a tool belt will be a great investment to get things done. What ever you project is there is a hand tool to do the job. Some things are better off and quicker using power tools but when it comes to it you need hand tools to measure, check for level and hammer. Having the right tools will make your job easier and you will have fun doing it because you will be it makes things easier with the right tools.

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